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Impress Everyone with HTML Presentations

Use every pixel of the iPad retina display for your interactive offline HTML presentations.

HTMLPresenter is the latest iPad App for people wanting to impress.

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  • Offline presentations with videos that run instantaneously
  • Sales reps never miss a call
  • Full-screen presentations that captivate your customers
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Easily keep Multiple iPads in Sync with You

Securely distribute your HTML presentations without an IT department.

HTML Presenter is an iPad App that keeps others in sync with your Dropbox or sFTP account.

Download HTML Presenter

  • Sales & marketing materials for reps
  • Training & educational materials for staff or students
  • Kiosks and portals with real-time information
  • Interactive eBooks and brochures
Splash screen on iPad

Rapidly Prototype your App in HTML

There’ll never be an easier way to prototype your next App idea. Create your App in HTML and show your fans using HTML Presenter.

You might even find that the result is good enough that you don't need expensive Objective C code, like the developers of Scrambled.

Download HTML Presenter

  • Use the full screen like a native App
  • Fast and responsive
  • Simpler distribution than Apple's
  • Full HTML5 functionality

What’s new in HTML Presenter Pro?

  • Manage multiple Dropbox and SFTP accounts
  • Background tasks: online data submissions can be queued while offline
  • Sync servers protected against uploads
  • Local presentations separated
  • Streamlined Dropbox linking

See changes in version 1.2.3…

(1.2.4 was just a bug fix release.)

Multiple Accounts and Background Tasks


Why Offline?

Connect with Dropbox

Why Dropbox?